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May 27, 2020Print this page

Why Puritan Swabs Are Ideal for Critical Environments and Cleanrooms

Customer Story Blue Thunder V2

If you’re responsible for the integrity of a critical environment or cleanroom, perhaps you’ve asked whether the brand of swab you use for testing and cleaning really matters. 

Blue Thunder Technologies recently answered this question and shared valuable insight about product quality. A leading distributor of products for controlled environments, including cleanrooms, circuit board manufacturing facilities and critical control assembly areas, Blue Thunder is a trusted contamination control partner, helping clients reduce risk inside their cleanrooms and throughout their entire facilities.

Cleanroom Swabs for Critical Cleaning Applications

Blue Thunder’s customers in the medical device, aerospace, pharmaceutical, electronics assembly and other critical applications often require swabs that meet strict quality requirements. This is especially true for swabs used in controlled environments. Each cleanroom follows a unique set of standards, determined by a variety of industry regulations, including ISO, ASTM and FDA.

It’s no surprise that Blue Thunder frequently recommends Puritan swabs to their customers. “Whatever the application may be, we feel confident recommending Puritan products. Their line of swabs for critical applications set a standard in an industry where quality cannot be compromised,” explains Matt H., who works in the company’s IT Department.

Puritan swabs play an important role for a variety of cleanroom applications. Common uses include specimen collection, diagnostic testing, surface cleaning and cleaning small parts or difficult to reach areas.

How to Choose a Cleanroom Swab

An important and common focus in every cleanroom is to limit airborne particulate. Choosing the proper swab is vital to ensure the environment is not comprised.

When choosing a cleanroom swab, here are a few product attributes to consider:

  • Non-abrasive head
  • Cleanroom packaging (for higher-level cleanrooms)
  • Non-shedding material
  • Synthetic shaft
  • Low NVRs (Non-volatile residue)

Recommended Cleanroom Swabs

For customers in a need of a quality general-purpose cleanroom swab, Blue Thunder highly recommends the PurSwab 5" ATP Controlled Standard Knitted Polyester Swab w/Polypropylene Handle (SKU#: 3650).

The PurSwab 2" Small Knitted Polyester Cleanroom Swab w/Polypropylene Handle (SKU#: 3135) is an excellent option for higher-level cleanrooms, because it has a thermally bonded tip and is cleanroom packaged.

Special thanks to Blue Thunder for sharing their expertise with us. If you’ve had a great experience with our products or company, drop us a line and tell us your story. You just might be featured on our website.


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