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Apr 9, 2015Print this page

Puritan® DM Stick Wound Measurement Device Is Now Even Better!


In hospitals, senior homes, and other healthcare facilities, wound care is extremely important. Improper wound care can lead to infection, resulting in serious medical conditions, therefore, immediate wound analysis and measurement is imperative to the health and safety of patients and practitioners alike.  For these reasons, the need for a disposable device to aid in wound measurement was undeniable. In 2001, this need was met in the form of a patent created by long-term care providers and inventors, Davis and Mangel, who developed a disposable, foam-tipped wound measurement device.

 A Simple Solution For Measuring Wounds

Over a decade later, Puritan Medical Products Company has seen great success in producing and selling the essential wound care device to facilities around the world. Puritan’s Davis-Mangel Stick, better known as the Puritan® DM Stick, allows medical practitioners a simple solution for measuring and assessing depth of wounds and injuries, such as pressure ulcers, stomach wounds, surgical wounds, and tunneling wounds. The product features a soft foam tip, minimizing patient discomfort and helping practitioners obtain consistent, accurate measurements of wound length, width and depth.

How to Measure a Wound Guide CTA

Here at Puritan, we’re always striving to make our best-selling products even better. These small, but important improvements reinforce our commitment to producing the highest quality single-use products for a wide range of industries. The Puritan® DM Stick Foam Tipped Measuring Device is now even better, featuring a foam tip that is longer than the original. The improved, longer tip is made of the same material and diameter as when it was first introduced, but is now secured farther along the shaft, adding more soft material at the tip as well as greater security of the bond.

A Small Change Can Make All the Difference

Besides the small change to the Puritan® DM Stick tip, the rest of the best-selling wound measurement product remains the same, featuring intuitive design details that benefit both patient and practitioner. Some of the features that have turned the Davis-Mangel patent into an industry standard include indentations in the foam tip at ½ cm intervals, a semi-rigid plastic handle to avoid bending or splintering, and an easy to read, accurate, millimeter scale to allow practitioners to quickly obtain accurate measurements.

As always, you can trust Puritan products because they are designed and manufactured right here in the USA. Puritan® DM Stick foam tipped measuring devices are CE-marked for medical use, are ISO-approved, and comply with the FDA's Good Manufacturing Practices. Puritan® DM Stick is available in sterile or non-sterile options for use in VA hospitals, wound care centers, long-term care facilities, emergency rooms, podiatry offices, and numerous other settings. To locate a distributor near you or more information on Puritan® DM Stick or any other wound care products, contact us today!


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