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Jul 14, 2014Print this page

Why Choose Sterile & DNA-Free Forensic Swabs


Pathologists working in the forensics industry have an entirely different set of swab requirements than their counterparts in other industries. Not only do forensic swabs need to be 100% sterile, they also need to be free of any human contaminants like DNA, DNase, and RNase. 

Puritan Forensic Swab Types

DNA sample contamination can have sweeping consequences for law enforcement officials who rely heavily on accurate forensic evidence to prosecute criminals. Compromised samples can lead to everything from false accusations to mistrials. 

That’s why it’s so important for crime scene investigators to choose a forensic swab that’s designed especially for the job. At Puritan, we offer three different forensic swab types, each stringently tested by an independent lab and certified to be DNA-free at a threshold lower than any other swabs on the market today (<25 pg of human DNA).

1. DNA-Free Foam Tipped Swab

Buccal swabbing, or swabbing the cells of the inner cheek, is an easy, quick, and non-invasive way to collect a suspect’s DNA.

With an absorbent tip and large round head, our DNA-free foam tipped swab is ideal for buccal cell collection. Its large swab surface helps maximize sample size, while its soft foam tip minimizes discomfort.

2. DNA-Free, Ultra Flocked Swab

Flocked swabs are becoming increasingly popular in forensic circles, and for good reason. In general, flocked swabs have a greater ability to collect, retain, and elute specimen than other swab-types. Packaged in its own transport tube, and certified to be DNA-free, DNase-free & RNase-free, Puritan’s DNA-free PurFlock Ultra® flocked swab is doubly suited to the job.

The purity of this line makes it an ideal choice for PCR, molecular assays, DFA testing, and direct antigen testing. Designed specifically for DNA testing in the crime scene investigation industry, this swab is a must-have for your forensic lab.

3. DNA-Free Cotton Tipped Applicator

Our sterile DNA-free cotton tipped applicator swab has a sturdy wooden handle ideal for blood specimen collection and buccal swabbing. Certified to be DNA-free, DNase-free, and RNase-free, the medical-grade, multi-purpose swab is a go-to for every forensic pathologist’s toolkit.

Want to learn more about our forensic swab products, or need assistance outfitting your forensic lab? Contact one of our knowledgable product specialists today!

DNA Evidence Collection Flowchart

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