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Puritan Helps Develop Innovative Product for Cryotherapy Treatment

Posted on Jul 14, 2015 9:00:00 AM


Recently, Anusha Gandhi, Puritan’s Director of Sales for the West Region had a chance to collaborate with Nuance Medical’s CEO, Marc Lieberman, and COO, George Walker II, at their headquarters in Carlsbad, CA.

Nuance Medical has become synonymous with the name CryoDose, both prominent names in the cryotherapy industry. Cryotherapy is the general term for the use of extremely low-temperature aerosols in medical treatment, primarily for the removal of benign lesions (warts, skin tags, etc.).

Lieberman and Walker shared that these type of cryotherapy products are FDA regulated medical devices that are and administered by physicians to their patients. With the help of Puritan, Nuance was able to develop a cryotherapy treatment, which surpasses other competitive offerings on the market today.

Puritan Helps Develop Popular Cryotherapy Treatment Product The goal was to develop a product that would be colder and more precise than competing products, resulting in better resolution and less waste. The product is a distinctively branded handheld canister which dispenses cryogen to the lesion through one of two methods; the “cone” method or the “bud” method. The cone method is a conical design in which the cone is placed around the lesion and filled with a predetermined dose of cryogen to maintain the low temperature around the lesion.

For Nuance, it was imperative to their success that they also offer the traditional bud system. To that end, they required a unique, quality bud product that was also compatible with their specified canister delivery system.  While Puritan Medical refers to these such products as ‘swabs’, the cryotherapy market refers to the same product as ‘buds’. Nuance Medical teamed up with our R&D team at Puritan to develop a custom bud that would complement the advantages of the CryoDose canister and also stand true to their reliability and reproducibility.

"With so many of these buds being used across the country, we needed to have confidence that the performance of each bud would be consistent and maintain the optimal low temperature throughout the entire treatment", stated Lieberman. "In searching the market, we were continuously led back to Puritan. As the leaders in the market coupled with their design expertise, Puritan gave us the reassurance we needed."

"When the final product came to us from Puritan, we compared them to the other buds on the market.  Puritan's  buds outperformed the competitors in terms of consistency to maintaining the cold", according to Walker.

The bud applicator fits snuggly into the canister with no leakage or dripping of cryogen. Once pressure is applied to the actuator on the canister, the cryogen travels along the inside of the bud applicator to saturate the tip of the bud.  The bud is then removed from the canister and applied to the patient’s lesion by the physician.  The bud maintains its optimal freezing temperature for up to two minutes.

Because of the ease of use, primary care, pediatric, and veterinary physicians are now able to administer this product quickly and easily in their own office and avoid the inconvenience for the patient, and loss of revenue from having to refer patients to a dermatologist. 

At Puritan, we are proud to see the fast growing success of Nuance Medical and are pleased to know we could help. With this exciting innovation under their belt, we hope to see many more successful products leave their doors.

By: Anusha Gandhi
Director of Sales - West Region
Puritan Medical Products Co.
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