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Feb 7, 2020Print this page

Get Out in Front of Coronavirus Testing

Corona Virus Blog

In response to an influx of inquiries we’ve received from customers, we’re responding with important CDC information about the 2019 Novel Coronavirus or 2019-nCoV. 

The latest CDC Updates on Coronavirus

Here you’ll find CDC interim guidance for healthcare workers, including important details on reporting suspected cases and collecting specimens.

One item you may find particularly useful is the Flowchart to Identify and Assess 2019 Novel Coronavirus. This handy tool walks you through the steps to assess the likelihood of whether 2019-nCoV may be present based on exposure and symptoms as well as important steps to take.

Which Swabs to Use for Coronavirus Testing

Since respiratory symptoms can be a sign of a cold, the flu or, under certain conditions, the 2019-nCoV infection, laboratory tests are required for accurate diagnosis. Currently, all diagnostic testing is being conducted at the CDC.

Based on CDC guidelines for clinical specimens, swabs with synthetic fibers and plastic shafts, like our flock swabs, should be used for nasopharyngeal collections when 2019-nCoV is suspected. It’s important not to use calcium alginate swabs or those with wooden shafts as they may contain materials that interfere with test results.

The tubes used should be sterile and contain 2 - 3 ml of viral transport media.

These Puritan products meet the CDC criteria:

  • UT-306 – UniTranz-RT 3mL Filled Vial with Sterile Elongated Flock Swab
  • UT-367 – UniTranz-RT 3mL Filled Vial with Sterile Elongated and Ultrafine Flock Swabs
  • UT-302 – UniTranz-RT 3mL Filled Vial with Sterile Mini-Tip and Standard Polyester Swabs
  • UT-361 – UniTranz-RT 3mL Filled Vial with Sterile Standard Polyester Swab

Please reach out to your Puritan distributor to place your order. Or feel free to contact us directly.

NOTE: Please refer to our COVID-19 portal along with the CDC and FDA websites for updated interim guidelines for collecting, handling, and testing COVID-19 specimens. 

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