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Mar 8, 2017Print this page

Distributors Share Why Puritan Is Trusted in Controlled Environments


The end users of Puritan's single-use items in controlled environments—automotive assembly plants, commercial aerospace research facilities, the Department of Defense—often can't talk about their important work because of NDAs. So who knows all about their needs? Distributors. The people who ensure consumables are received on time and as specified for these specialists. 

We talked to two distributors who supply customers in controlled environments to find out why they choose Puritan products.

Aerospace and Defense

Margie Munden, of Victory Supply in Apopka, Florida, owns and operates a small business that supplies aerospace and defense manufacturers with much needed single-use items, among them Puritan swabs. Her mission is to provide the best service and to expand Victory’s footprint in this market.

Victory, in business for 29 years, has been providing Puritan products since 2012. One swab in particular—our PurSwab Foam Tipped Applicator—is provided specifically at the request of an end user because of the swab dimensions, material and construction, and the superior qualities of the tip.

In addition to having the type of swabs customers want, Margie finds that Puritan reliably processes and fills Victory’s orders.

“We appreciate that,” Margie says about receiving orders on time, well packed, and accurately documented. She adds that she's also pleased to be able to provide US-made products (as all Puritan's products are) and to supply them exactly as requested. With this level of service established, Margie is confident she'll continue to have success with Puritan products.

Will she recommend Puritan? "Yes!" she says.

Electronics Manufacturing

Tampa is a busy industrial market where manufacturers can find great opportunities, thanks to a well-trained workforce and friendly business atmosphere.

RS Hughes Company, a 57-year old nationally recognized distributor of supplies for manufacturing, has seen great growth with the Puritan line across the country, and especially in Tampa. RS Hughes has been providing Puritan swabs to manufacturing companies in all industries for over 30 years.

Austin Bouknight, Inside Sales Manager at the Tampa location, says “Our goal is to satisfy and cater to our end user accounts. We value relationships with both vendors and end users. The people are the key."                

"We currently sell Puritan to multiple end user accounts, mainly in the electronics manufacturing field. They use a variety of swabs for multiple applications and process. Puritan offers several types of swab sizes and handles that allows each individual end user to find the perfect fit for their particular application. As a distributor, we offer the Puritan brand because the quality and price point are spot on.”

Austin says that convenience of availability, performance, and price translate into satisfaction for the end user. For his team, a straightforward relationship, quick response time, and our drop shipping capabilities are just a few of the key advantages of working with Puritan.

The greatest advantage of offering Puritan products?

“Premium quality,” answers Austin. Like Margie Munden, he says he's likely to recommend Puritan products.

"Any quality product that can be accessed quickly and at a good cost is a competitive advantage."

If you're interested in Puritan's products for controlled environments or becoming a distributor, talk to one of our knowleagable sales reps today! 

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