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Nov 13, 2018Print this page

Arrowhead Forensics & Puritan: A True Success Story


Why all the smiles at Puritan partner Arrowhead Forensics’ headquarters in Lenexa, Kansas?
Well, having great partner companies certainly helps. As does working hard all day long at making customers happy

Since January 2006, Arrowhead Forensics of Lenexa, Kansas, and Puritan Medical Products have been partners in providing clinical forensic laboratories and law enforcement agencies with the tools needed to do their important work.

“Puritan has been the industry standard in swabs for a very long time,” said Parker Snedden, Arrowhead’s chief revenue officer. “Our customers recognize the Puritan brand immediately, and we originally wanted to leverage that and use the best products.”

A Global Player in Forensics Market

Arrowhead Forensics was established in 1993 as Arrowhead Scientific, Inc. For 25 years, Arrowhead has supplied the clinical market with products such as gauze pads, Band-Aids, urine and blood testing kits, and collection and transport products. Today, the firm continues to serve clinical and private labs as well as law enforcement agencies. 

Most customers are here in the US, but Arrowhead has a worldwide clientele, primarily law enforcement agencies in Australia, Canada, India, Mexico, Pakistan, South Korea, Europe and elsewhere.

Arrowhead is engaged in a range of projects. One day, there’s a team building custom evidence collection kits for local police agencies in Vietnam. The next day there’s a team traveling to train Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agents on imaging equipment.

Leadership expects continued growth in law enforcement and clinical markets by supplying technology that helps customers work more efficiently.

Key Asset is Personnel

While Arrowhead has some exclusive products to offer, it’s their commitment to customer service that separates the company from its competition. All of this serves as the underpinning of Arrowhead’s commitment to rapidly deliver excellent products at competitive prices.

Arrowhead prides itself on the quality of its service and the dedication of its personnel. From ownership on down through every business unit, Snedden said, there is a strong belief that employees of a caring company pass on that care to customers in the form of great service.

A Shared Commitment to Customers

For more than a decade, Arrowhead has enjoyed a trusted partnership with Puritan.

“When it comes to manufacturing swab products, Puritan has always been the best,” Snedden said. “Your customer service, lead times, quality of product, competitive pricing, packaging -- all of it really -- is the best.”

So far in 2018, Arrowhead has purchased a series of 13 line items. Their two most frequently purchased products have been the “lollipop” foam tip 25-1805 1PF RND and the CapShure® 25-806 1WC EC.

They’ve also provided customers with these products: 

Equally important, Arrowhead keeps Puritan in tune with industry trends as they broaden Puritan’s visibility in the forensic market. 

“Arrowhead builds hundreds of thousands of DNA kits each year. Customers required that almost every one of those kits include either a foam-tipped applicator or cotton-tipped swab for buccal swabbing and biological collection,” Snedden said. “Puritan also gets that this is a partnership, and we work together, ultimately, to serve our customers.”


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