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Before You Say AHH... Learn More About Swabbing for Strep Throat

Posted on Mar 4, 2016 1:00:00 PM


Do you have a sore throat? headache? fever, chills, and muscle pains? These can be early signs of  influenza, strep throat and other winter illnesses.

Winter illnesses require swift clinical diagnosis and treatment to ensure patient comfort and to minimize transmission in the general population.

Strep throat is a throat bacterial infection caused by Group A Streptococcus bacteria. Strep throat occurs most commonly in children and flourishes wherever groups of people are in close contact.

Strep is highly treatable with a common course of antibiotics, but if left untreated, it can cause severe complications, including rheumatic fever, serious kidney failure and in some cases, even death.

Next time you feel a painful sore throat coming on, the most important thing is to go to the doctor as soon as possible.


When you go to the doctor you’re putting your trust in them to give the best care. Make sure they are using the best products that are most comfortable for the patient and deliver the best results.

Diagnosing bacterial illnesses has become faster, better and more accurate than ever. Especially where sample size may be limited, it is incredibly important to collect and preserve the highest quality swab sample for culture, tests and diagnostics.

There are two tests for strep throat that can be performed.To be able to clearly examine the mouth and throat a tongue depressor is used. A swab is then lightly brushed over the back of the throat and around the tonsils to collect secretions.

The secretions are then analyzed in the office using a Rapid Antigen Test. If the rapid test is negative the sample is then sent out to laboratory for culture testing. 

Transport Medium

Optimal specimen collection starts with a superior transport system. To accommodate the collection of specimens from various patient sites, we have available Opti-Tranz™ and Opti-Tranz Plus™ or our Opti-Swab™ collection and transport systems.

Opti-Tranz™ is our brand new line of traditional liquid and semi-solid collection and transport systems for bacteriological applications.  Available with Amies medium in either liquid or agar gel form ideal for culturing aerobic bacteria. which is ideal for strep throat testing because it maintains viability of aerobic, anaerobic, and fastidious bacteria. 

If you prefer a liquid based multi-purpose, liquid based collection and transport system, Opti-Swab with 1 mL of Liquid Amies and HydraFlock® swab maintains the viabiltiy of aerobic, anaerobic, and fastidious bacteria. Our liquid amies system guarantees the most efficient absorption and elution of sample, along with safe, reliable preservation.

Type of Swab

Especially where sample size may be limited, it is incredibly important to collect and preserve the highest quality swab sample for culture, tests and diagnostics.

When you need an added bonus, HydraFlock® available with both Opti-Swab™ and Opti-Tranz™ Plus offers superior collection and release properties.

HydraFlock® swabs are composed of multi-length, “split-end” fibers, which are uniquely engineered for a greater surface area, resulting in faster collection, patient comfort, and increased viability of sample from swab to culture to laboratory. Our flocked swabs when paired with the above tranport systems are suitable for use with automation, gram stains, and traditional culture methods.

All of Puritan’s line of medical products are manufactured in the United States, adhere to strict quality control guidelines and are always customizable to customer specifications. Because of this, our customers can feel secure that their laboratories and clinics will never run out of necessary swabbing supplies.

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