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Dec 20, 2017Print this page

Puritan’s Innovative, High-Quality Forensics Swabs a Top Draw for Forensic Distributor


Puritan is the primary specimen collection device supplier for Sirchie, a global leader in crime scene investigation and forensic science solutions. Dyer Bennett, Vice President of Product Development and Training at Sirchie, shared his thoughts on the importance of Puritan’s products in the forensic market.

The Partnership of Puritan and Sirchie

Sirchie, founded in 1927 by Francis Sirchie, works to supply law enforcement agencies with fingerprinting supplies, advanced equipment, customized vehicles, and kitting services. 

The company is based out of  Youngsville, NC, and serves more than half of all U.S. law enforcement agencies and over 140 countries. As a U.S. manufacturer, Bennett says that Puritan’s services align with Sirchie’s commitment to providing American-made products to their customer base. 

Sirchie provides customers with anything they need for biological sampling. Bennett believes that Sirchie’s success can be credited, in large part, to their dedication to the customer, which is why he trusts Puritan to supply quality, reliable products for distribution.

“Puritan takes great pride in innovation and quality,” Bennett said, “If there is a demand, Puritan has been able to fill the need and support Sirchie in the marketplace.”  

Puritan Products for Training

Sirchie is a reputable full-line supplier of forensic goods and services. On an annual basis, the company trains over 600 officers in various aspects of criminal investigation. In their training, officers complete hands-on exercises to further their knowledge of different swab types and learn about the applications of each, including the following:

  • Puritan 806-WC cotton swabs are frequently used in this industry for specimen collection of all kinds, but for training at Sirchie they have a more specialized purpose: presumptive testing. Suspect material is collected on the tip, which is then saturated with an indicator solution to confirm. Once the nature of the material is confirmed, it is transferred to a second cotton swab and transported to the DNA lab for identification.
  • Puritan PurFlock® swabs are the elite force for touch DNA collection. Their superior capture and release properties allow for even the smallest amount of DNA to be collected from a surface and then identified.  
  • The FAB SWAB from Puritan is the best swab for a crime scene, according to Sirchie. Because the swab is self-contained with a breathable container, contamination risks are reduced and the need for additional transportation devices—like a swab box—is eliminated. Whether you’re using the cotton tip for presumptive testing or the flock for touch DNA collection, the FAB SWAB will deliver the specimen safely and reliably. (Sirchie also trains with Puritan’s less expensive option CapShure®, which is the affordable alternative to a swab and a box, also available with cotton or flock tips).
  • DNA-free swabs are manufactured at Puritan under the most secure control. They are more expensive than the standard swabs typically offered for crime scenes, but users are buying the confidence that they're certified to be DNA-free at a threshold lower than any other swabs on the market today.

A Busy Future Working Together

Bennett expects the forensics market to maintain its level of need for swabs and other specialty equipment for investigation, meaning the demand for trustworthy, high-quality medical products will persist. Puritan is proud to be involved in Sirchie’s journey of expanding to a multifaceted supplier for law enforcement.

You can follow Sirchie’s growth and check out their Puritan products by visiting their website.

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