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Puritan & Hardwood Companies Support Friends of Community Fitness

Posted on Aug 21, 2013 10:57:00 AM

Puritan Supports Friends of Community Fitness

Photo: (From left) Wendy McKenney, Director of Purchasing and Inventory Control at Hardwood Products and Puritan Medical Products Companies; Sherree Paradis, Materials and Graphics Coordinator at Hardwood Products and Puritan Medical Products Companies

Supporting our local community has always been an important part of our culture at Hardwood Products and Puritan Medical Products Companies. That’s one reason we’re so proud to be one of the largest supporters of Friends of Community Fitness, a non-profit fitness and community center located right here in Guilford, Maine.

In addition to our annual donation, Puritan Medical Products and Hardwood Products Companies have a very personal connection to Friends of Community Fitness. Having been on the board since 2003, our own Director of Purchasing and Inventory Control, Wendy McKenney, serves as President of CommFit.

Wendy works closely with CommFit's Executive Director Gayle Worden, to help plan and implement outreach programs and facility upgrades. We sat down with both women to learn more about the role of CommFit in the community, and how Puritan and Hardwood help support their initiatives.

1. Please provide an overview of what Friends of Community Fitness offers the local community: (Gayle)

Community Fitness is a 24/7 non-profit fitness and community center. We have two weight rooms, a cardio fitness room, gymnasium, personal trainers, and much more. We have fitness classes five days a week, and also provide community outreach and education for the public.

CommFit offers programs for all age groups and financial abilities. Scholarship members comprise approximately 10% of our membership. As a 501c3 non-profit we offer scholarships at half the cost of our regular fees, and/or by a work-for-your-membership program for those who are income eligible.

2. How does Friends of Community Fitness use the money donated from Puritan/Hardwood? (Gayle) 

Donations received from Puritan/Hardwood are put into an equipment fund and used to purchase, upgrade, and repair our fitness equipment. Being able to count on and anticipate these annual donations makes a world of difference in our planning each year.

3. Are there any advantages of being an employee and having a gym membership at CommFit? (Wendy)

Absolutely! Every October, CommFit offers a corporate rate to all Puritan/Hardwood employees. The cost of the annual membership is $240.00, and Puritan/Hardwood pays $126.00. The remaining $114.00 is spread out over 52 weeks of the year. So a Hardwood/Puritan employee can have a gym membership for just $2.19 per week!

4. How many employees take advantage of the membership opportunity? (Gayle) 

There are 34 single memberships, and 36 family memberships.

On behalf of Puritan and Hardwood, we’d like to thank both Gayle and Wendy for taking the time to teach us more about Friends of Community Fitness, and how our donations go toward helping this unique organization support the local community. You can learn more about Friends of Community Fitness by visiting their website,

For more information on the various ways in which Puritan and Hardwood support our local community, please don't hesitate to contact us!

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