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"A Real Manufacturing Success Story:" Puritan Featured on WCSH-TV

How to Kick Off a Custom Lab Kit With Puritan

HydraFlock: The Superior Flocked Swab

Distributors Share Why Puritan Is Trusted in Controlled Environments

Controlled Environments Q&A: How Puritan Helps

New: Puritan's Fecal Opti-Swab® Collection and Transport System

Puritan Develops Custom Norovirus Detection Solution

Think All Applicator Shafts Are the Same? Think Again!

Perfect Puritan Products for Hobbyists

The Top Three Sterile Swab Types for DNA Collection

Protect Your Controlled Environment From Electrostatic Discharge (ESD)

Is It a Cold or the Flu? Get the Symptoms Straight

Sanitary Food Is Something to Always Be Thankful For

How to Swab for Gonorrhea and Chlamydia

The Best Puritan Products for Gun Cleaning, As Approved by U.S. Veterans

Interested in Clinical Microbiology Automation? Know Which Enrichment and Transport Media to Use

Customer Story: Puritan Swabs a Champion in the Boxing Ring

How Point-of-Care Tests Can Make Your Life Easier This Flu Season

The ABCs of Puritan

Happy National MFG Day to Our Fellow US Manufacturers!

How to Take Self-Swab Samples for Detection of Group B Streptococcus (GBS)

The DNA of Puritan as a Company

Life in Microbiology Just Got Richer With Puritan's Four New Transport Media

Can the "CSI Effect" Impact Your Department or Lab?

Inoculation Loop vs Wooden Applicator Sticks for MALDI-TOF MS Analysis

Puritan's Top 5 Most Popular Medical Products

How Improper DNA Evidence Collection Can Compromise Your Case

Identifying and Preventing DNA Evidence Contamination

Eight Must-See Sessions at ASM Microbe 2016

Why EnviroMax® and EnviroMax Plus® are Top Surface Sampling Swabs

Pharmacogenomics: What We Know About Genetic Testing for Mental Illness

Top Stops to Make at the 2016 Clinical Virology Symposium

How to Swab for MRSA

Protein Test Swabs: How to Verify Allergen Control

Food Handlers Swabs: How To Choose the Right Swab for Food Safety

Swabs for Cosmetics: Why Your Spa or Salon Could Use a Little Puritan

Join the Flock Q&A: What Flocked Swabs Are, Why You Need Them, and Where to Get Them

Swab Central: The Foam Tipped Applicators' Industrial Uses

Why Should Pets get a DNA Test?

Before You Say AHH... Learn More About Swabbing for Strep Throat

You Asked for It. We Made it. Introducing Opti-Tranz™ and Opti-Tranz Plus™ Collection & Transport Systems

A History of Specimen Collection: Swabs Then and Now

Filtered Air-Breathable DNA Transport Systems vs Swab Boxes

Swabbing for Trace Evidence vs. Swabbing for Blood and Other Fluids

Six Truths About Crime Scene DNA You Won't See on TV

What You Should Know About Medical Swab Sterilization

Flu Season Q&A: Everything You Need to Know About Puritan Swabs

How to Choose a Flocked Swab for Flu Testing

Your Beautiful, Healthy Thanksgiving Turkey... Thanks to Swabs

Which is the Best Type of Swab to Use When Diagnosing the Flu?

How Product Customization Really Works: A Case Study For Environmental Sampling Kits

Puritan Supports Global Dental Care Initiatives with PRHDR, UMA & USM

Lab Kits & Swab Customization: What to Know Before You Buy

Should You Order Customized Lab Kits and Swabs?

RIDT vs RT-PCR vs Viral Culture for Flu Testing

UniTranz-RT Validated for Viral Sample Storage at Room Temperature

Swabs Can Be Used as School Science Supplies! Learn How

Puritan Granted Chinese Patent for HydraFlock® Flocked Swabs

Three Key Steps to Effective DNA Swab Collection at Crime Scenes

Learn How Our Swabs Play a Role in Genetics Testing

Puritan Helps Develop Innovative Product for Cryotherapy Treatment

Puritan Donates Swabs to Leonberger Health Foundation

Learn Proper Food Safety Testing Methods

Learn About Puritan's 6 New Forensics Swabs

Study of Puritan’s Opti-Swab™ Liquid Amies Presented at ASM2015

Protect Your Food Processing Facility- Swab for Listeria!

Join Puritan in Celebrating National Armed Forces Day

Puritan Scheduled to Attend ASM's 115th Annual Microbiology Event

How to Collect a Throat Swab Specimen

Puritan Flavored Tongue Depressors For Pediatrics and More

Puritan® DM Stick Wound Measurement Device Is Now Even Better!

How to Swab for DNA Evidence

Presenting Critical Environment Applications at the University of Florida

Puritan Presents Opti-Swab™, The Optimal Specimen Collection & Transport System

For the Love of Puritan

Stay Safe and Informed in 2015’s Measles Outbreak

The Top 3 Methods For Diagnosing Influenza

Puritan Celebrates Women's Health

VWR Honors Puritan with Prestigious Award

Flu Season 2015 - Puritan Responds

Presenting Forensic Swabbing Techniques at Westwood College

Best Forensic Product of 2014: Puritan’s Cap-Shure®

Why Flocked Swabs Should Not be Coated

Puritan Flocked Swabs: HydraFlock® vs. PurFlock Ultra® - What's the Difference?

Not All Liquid Transport Systems for Specimen Processors are Created Equal!

Foam & Polyester Swabs for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Environments

How to Use Flocked Swabs: HydraFlock® & PurFlock Ultra®

Medical Swabs: How to Choose the Right Tools

Influenza Test Procedure & More: Puritan’s Flu Central

How to Collect a Nasopharyngeal Swab Specimen for Flu Testing [VIDEO]

How to Test for Enterovirus D68 (EV-D68)

How AmeriCares Used 62 Cases of Puritan POC Swabs

How to Swab for Bacterial Contamination in Your Brewery

How to Swab for Touch DNA Evidence

How to Collect a Buccal Swab Sample for Forensic Analysis

Sterile Swabs & Medical Sampling Kits for POC Testing

Our Swabs Are Ready For Their Close-Up: Puritan's New Zooming Feature

Food Safety Testing: Which Swabs and Transport Medium Should You Use?

Why Choose Sterile & DNA-Free Forensic Swabs

Puritan Flocked Swabs Not in Violation of Copan European Patent

Whooping Cough Bacteria Viable for 48 Hours in Puritan Liquid Amies

Our Viral Transport Medium Preserves Respiratory Viruses for Extended Storage

Puritan Liquid Amies Compatible with Copan's WASP®

Specimen Collection in Live Birds: Swabbing for Poultry Diseases

Join Puritan’s Flocked Swab Rev-Elution

Puritan Donates Polyester Tipped Swabs to Diagnostics for All (DFA)

Puritan Flocked Swab Absorption Capacity Validated by New Study

asm2014: Five Things Not to Miss at ASM’s 114th General Session

Puritan’s Foam Tipped Swabs for Cleaning Infusion Pumps

Our Environmental Sampling Swabs & The Food Safety Modernization Act

Free Sales Tool for Puritan Distributors: Demo Swabs, ESK, & More

How to Choose the Right Environmental Sampling Medium

Could Environmental Sampling Have Prevented the Irish Potato Famine?

Using Puritan Foam Tipped Swabs to Care for Woodwind Instruments

Swab for Strep Throat & Other Winter Illnesses w/ Puritan Liquid Amies

2013/2014 Flu Season: Preparation & Diagnostic Availability Important

The History and Evolution of the Swab

How to Collect an Environmental Sample: Floor Drain [VIDEO]

Case Study: RNA Testing and Analysis of DNA-Free Nylon Flock Swabs

How to Collect an Environmental Sample from Ceramic Tile [VIDEO]

Independent Study Confirms Superior Performance of HydraFlock® Swabs

How to Collect an Environmental Sample: Stainless Steel [VIDEO]

Forensic Swab Adhesive Change: A Puritan Customer Case Study

How to Collect a Throat Swab Specimen [VIDEO]

Flu Product Availability: Stock UniTranz-RT™ for Influenza Testing

How To Swab for the Flu: Flocked Swab Sample Collection

Puritan & Hardwood Support Womancare to End Domestic Violence

Flu Testing, Vaccination Important for Vulnerable New Demographics

Choosing the Right Swab for Critical Environments in Manufacturing and Industry

What is Food Safety Month? Here's a Brief History

Puritan & Hardwood Companies Honor Employees with Picnic, Milestones

How To Test Meat for Pathogens - Food Safety Environmental Sampling

Why Flocked Swabs Provide Superior Specimen Collection

Puritan & Hardwood Companies Support Friends of Community Fitness

Get Your Flocked Swabs On the Go With Our New Responsive Website

Puritan Employee Milestones: Thanks for 5 Great Years, David Perkins!

New Packaging for All Single-Use Medical Products

Now Offering Full Line of Dry Transport Systems

Partners for World Health & 500 Pounds of Single-Use Medical Products

Puritan Employee Milestones: Thank You for 5 Years, Ben Hamblen!

Puritan Foam Swabs aid Self-Collection & Diagnosis in HCT Recipients

Puritan & Hardwood Award Employees' Children with College Scholarships

Puritan Medical Products Supports Mercy Ships Charity

Why You Should “Like” Puritan on Facebook

Why Are Asian Elephants Dying? Puritan Supports Wild Elephant Research

Employee Milestones: Thank You for 15 Years at Puritan, Renee Hasting!

A Puritan Legend Retires: Good Luck, Susan Shrader!

Puritan Celebrates Medical Laboratory Professionals Week 2013

Puritan Launches New Series to Tell Customer Stories

Puritan Medical Products is Getting Even Greener

Liquid Amies Market Grows After Spike in Puritan UTM-RT Systems Sales

UTM-RT Transport Systems Available Despite Decade’s Worst Flu Season

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